1. Chicago was founded as a town in 1833, prompting Boston area land speculators to purchase most of the native Gold Coast luxury apartment buildings.
  2. Chicago is home to the Second City Theater, the most influential and prolific improvisational theater in the world. Although located for many years at 1616 North Wells Street, it has for some time operated in a secret location after numerous arson attempts were organized against that site by the militant wing of the Writers Guild of America, West.
  3. The 1860 Republican Party national convention was held in Chicago, where the party nominated Abraham Lincoln as its presidential candidate following a two-hour stand-up routine comprised almost entirely of funny anecdotes that made the delegates feel smarter than they actually were.
  4. The most famous Chicago cuisine, deep dish pizza, was created when the tomato soup factory above Pizzeria Uno suffered a burst production pipe that flooded the factory floor and caused soup to leak through the ceiling of the restaurant underneath. After exhausting all of their pots, pans, cups, and bowls, founder Ike Sewell suggested staff use carved out, day old loaves of bread to catch the soup. One such loaf was on the table of Chicago Tribune food critic, Geno Kuczewski, who wrote glowingly about it in the next day’s paper.
  5. The Chicago Cubs went 108 years between Worlds Series titles. They are scheduled to win their next Series in 2124.

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