Legend of Zelda (Original NES Game)

  1. Link was supposed to get a tube of cookie dough in the cave on the first screen, but it was changed to the wooden sword right before the game was published after designers realized that octoroks love cookie dough more than Oompa Loompas love cocoa beans and that the weapon wouldn’t work on them.
  2. The blue ring was modeled after the wedding ring of a programmer whose wife left him at the altar; he thought it was in bad taste.
  3. An early design showed the cartridge as plaid, not gold.
  4. Princess Zelda has marshmallows in her pocket to toast in the fire locking her in the 9th dungeon.
  5. In 1986, the Hyrule Currency Commission pegged the rupee to the dollar, with a fixed value of $4.20.

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