The Masters

  1. The traditional green jacket given to the winner of the Masters dates back to 1896, when James “Tough in the Rough” Pempertoss won on a hotly contested back nine, infuriating the runner-up, Thomas “Six-Toed” Hoenger, who punched Pempertoss to the ground and kicked him across the grass for over 4 miles until his white jacket was stained green.
  2. In 1997, champion Tiger Woods set the record for largest margin of victory, beating the runner up BooBoo MacFarland by 176 strokes.
  3. In 2005, Phil Mickelson was mauled by a polar bear on the fourth tee. The bear faded into the crowd and was never caught. Mickelson birdied the hole.
  4. When playing Augusta, Rory McIlroy likes to keep a melting snow cone in his left pocket for luck.
  5. Hoenger was buried under the 16th green in 1923 after dying from multiple self-inflicted bow and arrow wounds. Legend has it that his zombified corpse cracked open a portal to the hell there during the Saturday of the 1934 Masters, setting fire to the gallery and dragging a caddy underground, earning the 16th green its famous nickname, “Hoenger’s Hellgate.”

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