Tiger Woods at the Masters

  1. Prior to winning his first Masters tournament in 1997, Tiger participated in a 90-day silent retreat led by a Buddhist monk who won the 1968 Alabama Open by 3 strokes.
  2. Tiger has said his favorite Masters moment was when the ghost of Thomas “Six-Toed” Hoenger offered him a vermouth and soda water on the 16th green. Tiger declined, but was flattered that Hoenger didn’t try to drag him to hell.
  3. Tiger wears a red shirt because he likes to think of himself as Santa Claus, bringing coal to bad golfers.
  4. The worst hole Tiger has played at the Masters was the 5th on the Friday of the 2006 tournament, when he shot a quintuple bogey, caused in part by a pigeon that kept swooping at him as he swung. After the hole, his caddy admitted that he had placed a half pound of bird seed in Tiger’s underwear as a joke, likely causing the avian harassment. Tiger had him liquidated after the 6th hole.
  5. Tiger always eats a chili dog after the 2nd and 13th holes.

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