Chicago Bears

  1. The team was originally formed by members of the Illinois Audubon Society who needed to work out some bird-related stress.
  2. Since 2015, players have received implanted chips behind their right ears, which allow them to listen to Robin Williams’ Live at the Met album whenever they cross their eyes.
  3. The Bears’ official team flower is the chrysanthemum.
  4. The Bears play at Soldier Field, named after Sade’s Soldier of Love, which was George Halas’ favorite song.
  5. Halas is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his achievements with the Bears, including defeating the Washington Redskins in the 1940 championship game 73-0, which he accomplished by convincing the entire Redskins team that football scoring worked like golf, with the lowest score winning. Although the trick worked, 14 Bears players were sent to the hospital following the game after Washington players beat them with their golf clubs in frustration.

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