Jordan Peele’s Us

  1. Peele was heavily influenced by the works of Richard Scarry.
  2. In the original screenplay, Red was an old man named Blue.
  3. During an early working session, Peele’s uncredited writing partner, John Mulaney, suggested a musical number based on Fifty Nifty United States.
  4. Peele has floated a potential sequel called Can, which explores whether Canadian doppelgangers can be polite.
  5. The scissors were suggested by Lupita Nyong’o; Peele wanted to use spatulas.

Facial Recognition Technology

  1. Facial recognition technology first appeared in 1624, when Sir William Pecklesby wrote in candle wax “That’s you!” on a mirror at a London salon.
  2. In the 1950s, researcher Thomas Rotter nearly developed artificial intelligence that would accurately recognize faces up to 97.6% of the time, but he got frustrated a week too early and left the field to work on microwaveable brownies. He had more success there, introducing the dessert to TV dinners in 1958.
  3. Apple plans to introduce facial recognition technology in its next iPhone, which will only unlock when the correct face is in front of its camera. Apple’s R&D department estimates this will increase suburban beheadings related to robberies by somewhere between .00001% and 543.6%.
  4. In the 1990s, MIT experimented with facial recognition technology that was too sensitive. For example, the AI was unable to recognize someone if a new pimple appeared on his face. This was a big problem at MIT in the 1990s.
  5. The DeLorean in Back to the Future originally used facial recognition technology to time travel, but the producers thought it was unrealistic.

A Game of Thrones (the book)

  1. George R.R. Martin originally began writing A Game of Thrones as a Sandra Boynton fan fiction.
  2. A Game of Thrones first appeared at number 69 on the New York Times best seller’s list and stayed there long enough for everyone to get tired of the joke.
  3. In the first draft of A Game of Thrones, Jon Snow was named Jon Hamm and worked in Winterfell’s marketing department. He would have been responsible for their end of summer touriam campaign: “Winter is coming – so should you!”
  4. The Wall was supposed to be painted colorfully and the Night’s Watch was supposed to dance in front of it to Calypso music, but that was deemed too derivative of the Cosby Show.
  5. Martin contemplated several different names for Arya’s sword, including Prick, Thin Man, Chester, and Sir Boderly Van Pointy-End.

NCAA Tournament

  1. The original NCAA Tournament took place in 1931 as an effort to distract the American public from the Great Depression. It ended in failure when hungry orphans stormed the court during the first game, believing the basketball to be a giant orange. Having only heard game broadcasts on the radio, they did not know what the ball looked like.
  2. The school with the most NCAA titles is the University of Maine, according to a trolling Wikipedia article.
  3. Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski has the most tournament wins of any active coach, largely due to the NCAA officially counting good hair days as tournament wins.
  4. Las Vegas reports that the NCAA tournament is its third largest gambling event after the Super Bowl and the Harlem Globetrotters’ annual game against the Scooby Doo gang.
  5. The tallest player to ever appear in the tournament was King Kong at 50’4”. In 1934, he led SUNY-Buffalo to the Sweet 16 before being defeated by the all-blonde Notre Dame women’s team.

FBI’s Operation Varsity Blues

  1. The parents who paid William Singer $6.5 million for their child’s college admission also paid him $100,000 to steal a Big Mac from McDonald’s and $50,000 to break into the gumball machine outside Wegmans to find a blue one.
  2. For the first 3 months of the investigation, the first three FBI agents involved in the operation thought TMZ had hired them as background reporters.
  3. Felicity Huffman’s check was from the bank account that used her secret celebrity hotel guest name, Winona Ryder.
  4. Staff in the media relations and branding departments at Yale, Stanford, and Georgetown have been working 18-hour days to downplay their schools’ involvement in the scandal. Staff in the media relations and branding departments at the University of San Diego have been working 18-hour days to publicize that their school is involved in the scandal.
  5. Lori Loughlin’s publicist has announced that she will star as herself in the Lifetime movie, My Daughter Will Not Go to Syracuse: The True Story of Operation Varsity Blues.

Legend of Zelda (Original NES Game)

  1. Link was supposed to get a tube of cookie dough in the cave on the first screen, but it was changed to the wooden sword right before the game was published after designers realized that octoroks love cookie dough more than Oompa Loompas love cocoa beans and that the weapon wouldn’t work on them.
  2. The blue ring was modeled after the wedding ring of a programmer whose wife left him at the altar; he thought it was in bad taste.
  3. An early design showed the cartridge as plaid, not gold.
  4. Princess Zelda has marshmallows in her pocket to toast in the fire locking her in the 9th dungeon.
  5. In 1986, the Hyrule Currency Commission pegged the rupee to the dollar, with a fixed value of $4.20.


  1. Chicago was founded as a town in 1833, prompting Boston area land speculators to purchase most of the native Gold Coast luxury apartment buildings.
  2. Chicago is home to the Second City Theater, the most influential and prolific improvisational theater in the world. Although located for many years at 1616 North Wells Street, it has for some time operated in a secret location after numerous arson attempts were organized against that site by the militant wing of the Writers Guild of America, West.
  3. The 1860 Republican Party national convention was held in Chicago, where the party nominated Abraham Lincoln as its presidential candidate following a two-hour stand-up routine comprised almost entirely of funny anecdotes that made the delegates feel smarter than they actually were.
  4. The most famous Chicago cuisine, deep dish pizza, was created when the tomato soup factory above Pizzeria Uno suffered a burst production pipe that flooded the factory floor and caused soup to leak through the ceiling of the restaurant underneath. After exhausting all of their pots, pans, cups, and bowls, founder Ike Sewell suggested staff use carved out, day old loaves of bread to catch the soup. One such loaf was on the table of Chicago Tribune food critic, Geno Kuczewski, who wrote glowingly about it in the next day’s paper.
  5. The Chicago Cubs went 108 years between Worlds Series titles. They are scheduled to win their next Series in 2124.